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What Gives You Rest?

Questions for Finding Rest & Restoration

Bee and I on the couch with books and snacks facing the window and sunset
We mostly like to cuddle, eat snacks, and read books.

For most of my clients (and certainly for me!) deep rest is hard to come by at the end of the year.

As everyone seems to be scrambling to finish projects before the holidays, we assume we'll be refreshed and restored naturally after December 25.

But how often do you find yourself thriving at the start of a new year?

After celebrations settle down, how prepared are you to pursue your wellness goals?

Consider these questions to make sure 2024 begins with true restoration.

Which activities do you find most life-giving?

Which activities drain you?

Which responsibilites could be paused without negative consequences?

What type of support could provide you with space to rest?

How could you prioritize yourself in areas that you usually have to prioritize others?

What gets in the way of rest? How could you overcome this barrier?

What are you learning about yourself?

What change will you make in pursuit of personal restoration?


20-for-20 sessions are available through December 30. Book your appointments today to design a truly restorative transition to a new year.

💕 Rebecca Danae

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