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A Day in the Life: Coaching, Consulting, Parenting, Life-ing

Pictured: Our latest sick day. Bee wanted to "work with me so we grabbed the old (not working) laptop and mouse to sit next to my own. As I read messages aloud, Bee repeated everything I said. She typed when I typed. She moved her mouse when I moved mine.

We made the best of a tricky situation! Tim was working in the other room and we were swapping childcare based on whose meeting required more solitude and focus. 😩

We still use routines to structure our family life, but some of you think that means we have it all together... We don't!

Our rhythms and routines help us to know where to aim and how to craft our best days. But dishes still go unwashed, chores undone, and workouts incomplete. For us, it's all part of an honest and balanced experience. When we feel like we're struggling to keep our heads above water, the routines are the lighthouse guiding us back to land.

These days are full! I'm working with private coaching clients and continuing to grow this business. I'm also coaching with OpenSeat, partnering with schools to support social-emotional wellness for students. I've also been doing some admin and operations consulting for small businesses. It's all good work, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm tired!

My hope is to wrap up my consulting projects and lean more into coaching again in the spring and summer, with a good long break in the middle of the year.


This winter we've tried to take advantage of any sunshine we can get. Here's a photo from a recent adventure at a playground along Lake Michigan. It was chilly! As you can imagine, we had the whole place to ourselves.

When adventuring, Bee frequently comments on the garbage we see on the ground. We wanted to pick it up safely so we bought a grabber and collapsable buckets ⎯ one for trash and one for recycling.

Even as life is life-ing at an intense pace these days, we try to make intentional choices. A few of our intentions are to love each other well, take care of our planet and home, and have lots of fun together.

We're crafting a wonderful life.

💕Rebecca Danae

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