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Mindful Movement

I'd like to go for a run every morning and maintain a fast-pace over 6 miles or something like that. However, my body and state of wellness frequently don't allow this!

Living with a condition that sometimes requires longer stretches of rest and low-intensity exercise, I've learned to embrace more mindful movement. And I've learned that those low-intensity workouts are enough to keep me healthy.

If you're trying to incorporate more mindful movement, try answering these questions for yourself.

Where Are You Now?

How do you feel when you exercise?

How do you feel without consistent exercise?

What types of movement do you enjoy?

What makes movement enjoyable for you?

Where Would You Like to Go?

Would you like to be more athletic?

Emotionally regulated?


More fertile?



More hormonally balanced?



More muscularly toned?

Would you like to be more consistent in your fitness efforts?

So What Gets in the Way?

Is it anxiety?



Insufficient nutrition?


A lack of support?

Limited time?


Now That You Know...

Now that you have brought some new awareness to what's going on with your intentions for exercise or movement, consider how you might practice and make progress. I'll offer some ideas below.

  1. Cultivate clarity and purpose.

    1. Ask yourself "why am I doing this?"

    2. Ask yourself "what's the greater good in this?"

  2. Fuel your body intentionally.

    1. How well are you doing with the following? Hydration, Nourishing Food, Recommended Supplements

    2. Do you get sufficient sleep, deep rest, and fun?

  3. Adjust your mindset to reflect your hope and goals.

    1. Try saying "this is what I do" instead of "I have to do this."

    2. Try saying "this is who I want to be" instead of "I don't want to be the way I am."

Since bringing a mindful approach to my own fitness, it is with even deeper gratitude that I run fast on the mornings when my body is up to the challenge. And for those other days, I seek to move mindfully, knowing the season will change again.

Wishing you wellness,

Rebecca Danae 💕

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