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What Does She Mean by 20-for-20?

I realized I would only have 21 days to complete 50 coaching sessions of at least 20-minutes long.

That's the time crunch that sparked the idea of offering 20-minute coaching sessions for $20 — 70% off my hourly rate — and asking everybody I know to spread the word! And it worked.

I was taking a class to prepare just to apply to take the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaches exam. The way the dates fell, I would either have to hurry up and apply for the spring exam or wait months after completing my class to apply for the next exam.

I knew I wanted to keep moving forward, and also that the timing was a big challenge which felt nearly impossible to overcome.

But my community came through for me. I completed more than 50 20-minute coaching sessions, met several new clients by word of mouth, and submitted my application a day before the deadline.

Some of those new clients decided to purchase additional sessions which has grown my business and expanded my reach to new communities.

So let's do it again! It's an honor to support brilliant people as they grow more self-aware and learn what it takes to align their lives with their priorities.

If this type of support would serve you or someone you know, please share this opportunity! The next round of 20-for-20 sessions will be from May 22 through June 30 and slots are available to book right now.

With gratitude,

Rebecca Danae 💕

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