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How to Overcome 7 Bedtime Setbacks

1 | Insufficient Self-Care

Maybe you stay up watching TV or scrolling through your phone because you didn't protect time for your interests during the day but you feel like you need some "me time" before you sleep.

What can you do for yourself first thing in the morning to set you up for a satisfying day?

2 | Unfinished Tasks

Rest first, work better with a fresh mind and body! Prioritize tasks so the remaining ones at the end of the day don't feel too urgent.

If it's too late in the day to apply this practice, take a deep breath and acknowledge your limitations and hopes. Say something like "I won't have time to finish these things today but I know what I want to prioritize in the next few days. I've done all I can for today and it is enough."

3 | Anxiety

We can't always eliminate anxiety in time for bed, but we can use daily, mindful practices to manage and reduce anxious thoughts. Incorporate calming activities into your bedtime routine. Pause catastrophic thoughts and correct them with truth and positive possibilities.

Remember that consistent practice (meditation, prayer, yoga) is your best practice. It takes time to train the brain but it's worth it!

4 | Lack of Exercise

Studies have shown that consistent exercise contributes to better sleep. But how can you keep an exercise habit in the midst of your busyness and obligations?

Just start somewhere. Move your body for 5 minutes a day! Add another 5 once you've achieved consistency. Keep going!

5 | Lack of Time-Management

If you don't have a set bedtime and never get good quality sleep or enough sleep, start here. Set a wake time and bedtime and stick to them!

Letting sleep happen whenever you feel tired might leave you with only a few hours to rest at night. And getting up a various times in the morning can confuse your body about when it's time to wind-down for the day.

Take a look at your scheduled commitments and decide how much sleep (or rest) you ideally want to get. Then identify your waking and sleeping times and protect them!

6 | Rigid Expectations

If you're lying in bed feeling frustrated that you're still awake, try acceptance. Take a deep breath and say "I want to be asleep right now but I'm not. This is still a restful experience and I am grateful for this opportunity to restore my body."

Try coming up with a thought list of things you are grateful for from your day or week. Make the most of this restful time without expectation that you will fall asleep right away or even after an hour!

7 | Busy Mind

Remind yourself of the truth that tomorrow is another opportunity to accomplish what was left undone today. Take note of the important thoughts and let them go. Write them down or speak them out loud and release them for the day.

Focus on each breath. Respond to thoughts that threaten to make your brain race again; try saying "I know I still need to address that and I'll be sure to give it time another day soon."

Wishing you wellness,

Rebecca Danae

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