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Nutritional Wellness

Have you tried any recent fad diets? Or maybe you eat vegetarian or vegan food. I don't subscribe to specific diet at the moment but my way of eating is closest to a Paleo lifestyle because it has served me best over the years. My Nutrition Support program is designed to help you to determine your nutritional goals and find the right path to pursue your best nourishment for your body and preferences.

For me, my choice of food contributed to my first significant healing from Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Without medication or supplements, I had days without pain for the first time in more than 10 years. That experience really opened my mind to explore using food as medicine with hope for complete recovery!

When I work with clients to address their nourishment, we first identify the client's current nutritional situation and what they hope to change. This work includes identifying symptoms such as tiredness, poor digestion, poor sleep, and many more. When necessary, a client will see a doctor and have blood work done to determine any vitamin deficiencies or other concerns. We then use all the gathered information to explore nutritional solutions and make sure that the client's individual nourishment needs are met.

Some of the common diets that clients use to restore nutritional balance are the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), Low FODMAP (both described here), the Ketogenic Diet (Keto), or a completely customized plan based on specific goals. I encourage anyone who is interested in improving their nutrition to do their own research first and maybe even try a diet for a time with the support of a medical professional. If they find that they are interested in further support, or are getting stuck somewhere along the way, I'm here to help!

In addition to better nourishment, Nutrition Support clients frequently experience other life enrichment in sleep, stress and anxiety, mental clarity, and emotional regulation. Sometimes, although we have all the information we need, and all the resources to apply a new way of eating, we still need to work through barriers like motivation, old habits, and time constraints to achieve our nutritional goals. My coaching support can get you over those barriers and on to enjoying your new and improved, better-nourished life.

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