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My Mindfulness Routines

In practicing mindfulness l’ve grown in some really helpful abilities. Mindfulness practices help me to consistently replace old habits with more beneficial ones. I aim to leave behind habits that contribute to anxiety and stress while developing new ones that foster peace and hope.

Since beginning to practice meditation regularly, I can readily quiet my mind in most circumstances. It helps to bear in mind that I can return to a thought or problem later and I have a choice to be present in this moment.

Listening with curiosity and a true intent to learn comes more easily after committing time to simply observe what I think, feel, or hear. When I apply that type of mindfulness I retain more information and enjoy learning by listening whether it’s a podcast, conversation, lecture, or sermon. I’ve found joy in receiving information even before I begin to assess it and form an opinion about it.

As I work to manage stress, being more mindful has enabled me to pause and recognize that I am not guaranteed a negative outcome in most situations. Instead of being quick to expect undesirable conclusions about what is happening, I am more likely to imagine positive possibilities which makes me less stressed as I wait to see what will actually happen.

By consistently observing and accepting my own thoughts and emotions as they come up, I have developed more patience and appreciation for the thoughts and emotions of others. It amazes me how emotions are so much easier to understand and process in healthy ways after simple observation.

My daily mindfulness routine includes meditation each morning for one to 10 minutes using the Headspace app. Meditation is the first step of my morning routine because I feel more prepared to read, write, exercise, or even just to have a conversation once I've taken the opportunity to pause and observe how I am.

Another way I practice mindfulness daily is a reminder on my phone which is set to encourage me to pause and "abide" three times a day. As a Christian, I take this opportunity to pray and take note of what thoughts and emotions are present with me at that moment. I also recall to mind ideas on which I've been dwelling as a part of my personal Bible study or other education that I'm pursuing.

As needed, I also practice breathing exercises and unguided meditation to wind down or prepare my mind for my next activity. I try to incorporate these practices into moments of transition such as arriving home (even before getting out of the car to prevent distraction) or immediately after completing a task before moving on to the next thing.

I offer meditation support to my coaching clients which serves as a good start or new step in their own mindfulness routines. It's such a pleasure to invite others to join me as I continue to pause, breathe, and observe my way to more mindful life.

-Rebecca Danae

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