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My Journey to National Board Certification

August 2019 | Started Wellness Life Coach training to finally begin the work I felt most eager to learn and do. I worked with practice clients and a few paid clients and began building an online presence.

December 2019 | Announced being pregnant with Bee! My personal vision has always included work that I could fit around prioritizing my family.

January 2020 | I completed my first coaching certification: Wellness Life Coach and continued logging hours toward a higher-level certification. I considered whether to pursue an International Coaching Federation (ICF) credential like several of my peers or take another path.

May 2020 | I offered my first public coaching workshop to explore new ways of growing my business. Some of my workshops have been surprisingly packed with participants and others have had no registrants at all. I've learned a lot from both experiences and applied those lessons toward my work and personal life!

July 2020 | Bee was born! Navigating work and parenting a newborn was a huge challenge. I had my doubts, but found that my routines served me very well.

November 2020 | I found my business rhythm with packaged services, workshops, collaborations, and maintaining an online presence. I began to consider an ICF or NBHWC certification to empower me to work with more businesses and organizations.

August 2022 | I began an accredited Health & Wellness coaching course as the next step to qualify for the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching certification.

November 29, 2022 | I learned that, due to unexpected delays in an adjustment in my training institution's course accreditation, I may not be qualified to sit for the exam without an additional course completion. This was tough news to find out with only one week of class remaining!

December 12, 2022 | I learned that I would need to submit my application 10 days before the deadline in order to apply for the March exam dates. I also had to complete a self-study version of an additional course within two weeks in order to qualify to sit for the exam!

AND I was told I had one week less than expected during which I had to complete the 50 coaching sessions (of at least 20-minutes duration) to complete my application. I had a hard time believing I could even get it done in the time I initially thought I would have — so this felt like a big challenge!

With a lot of support from friends and family spreading the word, we surpassed the goal in less than three weeks! I had several new clients and several returning clients participate in the 20-for-20 sessions. These 20-minute sessions for $20 offered a 70% discount off my standard hourly rate and allowed me to connect with many wonderful people. Click the link at the end for your own discounted session!

December 30, 2022 | I submitted my application and session log to the NBHWC one day early. The application deadline for the public was January 9, but I had to submit everything by December 31 because of the new course accreditation criteria taking effect on January 1!

January 3, 2023 | My eligibility was confirmed to sit for the exam in March. I finished up a busy season of meeting and onboarding new clients largely resulting from the 20-for-20 sessions.

February 2023 | I began my intensive independent study plan for the exam after a couple of weeks off from work. I reviewed all of the course content and two text books. I researched health and wellness topics that I suspected would be important for coaching work and for the exam.

March 18, 2023 | I took the exam! I felt like it went well... but I also knew there were topics I wished I had studied more.

April 21, 2023 | I got the news that I had passed the exam! I set up my NBHWC listing so people can find me when searching for a national board certified coach.

Next Steps | I've already applied to work with the business with which I most aspire to partner! I'll continue my private practice and prioritizing family and personal interests, but also grow my business in what I feel are exciting and impactful ways!

There's another opportunity book 20-for-20 sessions from May 22 until June 30. Again, you get a 70% discount off my standard rate. Book your spot today before they fill up!

Talk to you soon,

Rebecca Danae 💕

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