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Moving from Awareness toward Acceptance

A lot of us pursue growth through self-awareness only to find ourselves at a dead end. Sometimes you get to know yourself a little too well, am I right?

Awareness eventually brings us to a point of decision. Will you deal with this habit/memory/trauma that you've uncovered? Or will you try to unsee it again?

The discomfort at this juncture can be overwhelming. "Nope, nope, nope! I'm stuffing that one back down. That's too much."

I'm inviting you to sit with the discomfort and to move beyond awareness, toward acceptance.

Begin with these four questions for acceptance that I shared a couple of weeks ago:

  1. What are you thinking?

  2. What are you feeling?

  3. What lies are you believing?

  4. What is the truth?

Starting with your thoughts, try covering them with compassion. How would you respond to a beloved friend who was thinking the same thoughts about themself? Now, speak those kind words to yourself.

Remember that you are a work in progress just like everybody else.

Remember that you have grown and that growth continues as you practice awareness and acceptance.

Remember that your life experience has shaped you. You make sense even if you feel frustration that you are the way you are today.

Remember that it won't always be this way. Change is imminent.

Continuing with what you feel, try honoring whatever emotion comes up. Give any emotions attention and try to appreciate them for notifying you of your truer heart on the matter.

Describe any anger.

Describe any sadness.

Describe any fear.

Describe any joy.

Describe any other emotion that you notice and be assured that you are acceptable even as you feel this way.

Have you believed a lie about your worth?

Have you believed a lie about your responsibility?

Have you believed a lie about your power or influence?

Have you believed a lie about your freedom?

End with more compassion as you recall the truth to mind. Respond to any lie that you've believed by covering it with truth. Call on a friend or coach to brainstorm with you when this part gets tough.

Please know that you are worthy of love.

-Rebecca Danae 💕

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