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Let's Explore

Exploration is so good to me. Getting outside and changing up my routine (though not too much) really helps me to regain a truer perspective of my life. Today I'm enjoying a free admission day at The Field Museum and using a tiny exhibition room featuring the work of John James Audubon as my office.

There's something about not knowing what I'll find but stepping out anyway that feeds my curiosity in a special way. It fuels me to focus on the inspiring and awe-filled things in the world. This focus makes the stressors in my life seem much smaller.

I meet God here, in exploration. So much of my spiritual walk is stepping out in faith knowing that I'll only find safety and peace in the Lord. And he is good.

I love my work as a coach in part because of this flexible space and schedule that allows me to explore more than any job I've previously held. I frequently invite my clients to find their own ways to explore regardless of time constraints because I believe exploration fosters the mental space required for personal growth and contentedness in life.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for exploration which you can do anywhere and anytime:

1) Take a 15 minute walk at lunchtime with no decided destination

2) Take a personal day and spend time in quiet space to consider how you would really like to spend the day

3) Walk somewhere that you would normally access by vehicle

4) Do something alone that you would normally do with others

5) Step outside or look out the window and find 5 different colors or 5 different textures

6) Read a children's book or a book from a genre you have yet to read

The photo above was taken in the warmth of an August day in Chicago. The trees look differently now. Perhaps for an exploration activity I'll revisit this tree to get acquainted with its current appearance.

-Rebecca Danae


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Rebecca Danae
Rebecca Danae
Oct 30, 2019

I’ll join you sometime!


Oct 30, 2019

I should try the 15 minute walk during lunch time :).

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