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Growing Resilience in 2023

It's February already!?! I want to encourage you — whatever your intentions were for January — the story isn't over yet. February can be a month of discouragement after January's best laid plans have gone awry. But what if we set the intention to grow our resilience in 2023 instead of completing the plan perfectly?

I know this intention shifts my mindset to a healthier, more hopeful place. What does it do for you?

Maybe the plan for January was to create five new habits and keep them consistently for the rest of your life, for example. Just me? 😅 Only kidding!

Would it serve you to focus on one habit for the next few weeks, then another one, and then another one until you build a new rhythm for life?

What would have to change in your mind and heart to slow things down? How would slowing down help or hurt you?

We're human. It took all these years for you to grow to the stature, maturity, and wisdom that you have today.

Observe the process of growth around you — look at plants, children, relationships. They all take time. The magic is in the moments.

If you aligned yourself with the pace of nature, how much time would you allow before you expect to see consistent, changed habits?

Your resilience will grow as you choose each day to pursue your best intentions. And breaks are allowed! After a break, your return to routine with fresh eyes and fresh energy will help you stay aware of the purpose and value of your chosen path.

This new year (yes, it's still pretty fresh!), I wish you rest, growth, and peace.

With care,

Rebecca Danae 💕

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