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Gaining Mental Health

My experience has been that mental health is foundational to achieving physical health and wellness.

If you're dealing with unruly emotions, suppressed desires, or intense fears, it will be extremely difficult to maintain health in the body.

For this reason and more, I'm inviting you to assess your own mental health and to identify the next steps you might take to improve it.

Where Are You Now?

How comfortable are you with your emotions?

How much do you understand yourself?

How do you engage with pain?

If these questions are difficult to answer, consider a coaching consultation for support. I'll facilitate a deeper understanding and help you to learn something new about yourself!

Where Would You Like to Go?

Would you like to be more connected?

More compassionate to yourself or others?

Sincerely curious?

Emotionally balanced?

More engaged?




Would you like to feel more calm?

So What Gets in the Way?

Is it anxiety?




Lack of energy?


Past failures?


A lack of support?

Limited time?


Now That You Know...

Now that you have brought some new awareness to what you hope to gain for your mental wellbeing, and the barriers that may keep you from accessing health in this area, consider how you might practice and make progress. I'll offer some ideas below.

  1. Create space to engage your mind.

    1. Take a few deep breaths

    2. Step outside or look through a window

    3. Go somewhere quiet

    4. Find one minute for solitude

  2. Acknowledge thoughts and emotions.

    1. Observe and welcome them

    2. Pause judgment

    3. Let them linger

  3. Be still and allow yourself to feel.

    1. Don't rush the feeling away

    2. It will pass in time

    3. Try this: Let tears fall without wiping them away. How does that feel?

  4. Speak kindly to yourself.

    1. Let go of self-criticism for a moment

    2. Honor your experience and humanity like you would for someone you love

  5. Remember, you're already making progress.

    1. This isn't easy, but you're doing it. You're already on your way to feeling better.

As you pursue greater mental health, be prepared for things to be uncomfortable. Sometimes coming to terms with how we really feel can be a heavy experience and it's important to connect with support when needed. Of course, I'm here for you, but please also try to think of a friend or family member who can come alongside you when things get tough.

Reminder: Consider seeing a therapist to unpack any deeper barriers to mental health that you may discover as you do this work.

Wishing you wellness,

Rebecca Danae 💕

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