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Find Healing in Accepting Who You Are

At times it has been hard for me to accept the parts of myself that seem to consistently aggravate others.

I've been called judgmental, too rigid, too emotional, too soft, too direct, too strict, not strict enough, too gracious. Too much. It varies based on personal perspectives!

Some of these declarations, even well-intentioned ones, have deeply hurt me. With time, work, and support from others I am healing mentally and emotionally from these encounters. And when I observe healing that has already begun in me, it's in my own acceptance of who I am that makes the difference.

Yes, I can be judgmental. My life experiences have cultivated a general anxiety in me that leads me to assess people and situations quickly in an attempt to protect myself.

I've been learning for years to wield that judgment/assessment sword cautiously and lovingly. I recognize that this is who I am. I accept it. And I make good from it.

I do feel emotions very intensely. This grants me access to a deep empathy and compassion for those around me. It's exhausting at times, and it's a superpower.

I can be rigid in my approach to life. And I can be soft and flexible too. I work hard to bring a helpful and suitable method to everything I do.

Whether I am direct, strict, gracious, or anything else, I will apply curiosity and seek to understand the ways I show up in the world. I will seek to reasonably consider positive, neutral, and negative impacts from my words and actions. I will learn and grow knowing that I have love for myself even when others don't like me.

What healing do you find by accepting who you are?

Rebecca Danae 💕

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