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6 Sustainable & Healthy Self-Care Products

It is my strong preference that the products I use to take care of myself and my family are eco-friendly and that they only contain safe and healthy ingredients. Here are some of my current favorites.

Note: This post is not sponsored. I just truly enjoy these products!

ONE | Beelove Honey

As part of my morning routine I add a spoonful of this local (Chicago), raw honey to my first cup of tea to keep seasonal allergies under control. The packaging is easy to reuse or recycle and I love supporting this socially conscious company. Check out their website to learn all about their mission which gives a second chance to individuals with a criminal conviction in their past.

TWO | Tea Tree Oil

I've tried several different brands and I'm not particularly loyal to one but I do try to buy certified organic tea tree oil when I can find it. This one by Mary Tylor Naturals caught my eye because of the social mission to support children in need. I use tea oil for so many things:

-Making toothpaste

-Healing pimples

-Making spider repellant spray

-Making Witch Hazel Spray for exercise equipment

THREE | Bite Toothpaste Bits

I usually make my own toothpaste out of coconut oil, tea tree oil, and baking soda. But these days time is of the essence and I thought I'd purchase a zero waste backup toothpaste in case I run out. I like Bite Toothpaste Bits because they eliminate the need for a plastic tube that will live in the trash forever and the ingredients are simple, healthy, and safe. I bought the berry flavored bits. They taste great and clean my mouth well!

FOUR | TenOverTen Rose Polish Remover & Nail Dryer

While I have yet to try tenoverten nail polishes, I love that they offer nontoxic products. I'm thrilled that I can remove any nail polish, without using toxins, with a pleasant scented biodegradable wipe. It's an amazing product. And the nail drying drops have changed the game for me now that I have a baby and need my nails to dry faster than ever!

FIVE | Bevel Safety Razor

A friend inspired me to try a safety razor as a zero waste alternative to disposable multi-blade products. I’m never going back! I picked out the Bevel razor after researching several brands and enjoying the How I Built This podcast episode featuring the founder of Bevel. The design is so elegant and functional even down to the weights of the head and handle. The blades are super easy to install and I compost them when I’m ready to switch them out. My skin loves the smooth, non-irritating shave.

SIX | Beautycounter Matte Effect Gel Cream

This is my first time trying a Beautycounter product but I can't wait to try more because this one is so good. It works great, leaving me with soft, moisturized, matte skin. The texture of the gel cream is perplexing to me in the best of ways. It's hard to describe and like nothing I've used before. Of course I appreciate that this brand offers clean ingredients, but now they are incorporating more sustainable packaging too. It's a win-win. I'm hosting a Beautycounter party on Facebook on November 22 at 2 PM CST to do some Christmas shopping. You're invited! Just like my Facebook page and I'll send you the event link.

Take good care of yourself today!


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