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5 Questions for Crafting a Habit of Rest

After posting at the start of this week about rest being productive, I proceeded to rest for most of the week. It wasn't planned but I'm so glad I did. I took some short walks and paused for mindful moments. But I didn't push myself towards any fitness goal or challenge. I did minimal work and studying. My motivation partly came from my body demanding restoration, but also to practice what I know I ought to do, though I struggle to do it. That is to rest.

Hopefully this isn't true for you, but I struggle so much to value rest. I don't think it's in my blood, or the habit of my family of origin, to take time for rest. There's alway more to do and someone to care for until you physically cannot do one more thing. Although I feel like it goes against my nature, I am crafting a habit of rest.

Here are 5 questions that I routinely ask myself to help my heart come around to the idea of taking time for restoration. I'm still quite resistant to the truth that I need rest, and that rest will benefit me and equip me to support loved ones. These questions help me to observe myself, to understand my resistance, and to move toward embracing rest.

1. Why not rest?

2. If not now, when will I rest?

3. What harm will come from resting?

4. Have I rested sufficiently?

5. How might rest benefit me?

I wonder, what comes up for you when you ask yourself these questions? I hope these questions will serve your growth as they are serving me.

-Rebecca Danae

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