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5 Adjustments for Successful Routines

My best laid plans tend to go awry. I try to learn all I can from the mishaps and continue to do life on purpose, with adjustments.

Today I'm sharing five simple adjustments you can apply to your well-crafted routines to successfully live them out, day after day.

Let's use my go-to example: running! Say you have a plan to run three times a week for thirty minutes. Week one: you ran one time. Week two: you were actually really busy so you didn't run. Week three: you ran twice and then got injured. Week four: you're healed but you just couldn't find the motivation to go for a run.

What adjustment can you make for the future?

  1. Frequency. Maybe you can start with a goal to run once a week. After that weekly run feels doable and you've been consistent for a few weeks, add another run.

  2. Duration. Thirty minutes of running might be a lot when you're just starting out, even if you've done it before. Try running for 10 minutes without stopping. Alternate walking and running for the rest of the 30-minute workout. Gradually build to a 30-minute run.

  3. Partnership. Would running feel better with a friend? Whether you meet in-person to run, have a running phone call, or just text before and after the run, partnership might make all the difference. Be sure to celebrate your progress together too!

  4. Purpose. Are you running to lose weight? Try running to feel stronger. Are you training for a charitable race? Remember why you signed up. But if you're not finding motivation in your reason for running, consider establishing a new purpose for your goal. Make it personal and see if it helps running feel worthwhile.

  5. Time. If early morning running just hasn't happened consistently, try finding a new time that you can stick to for a season. Get back to mornings later if you want. Experiment with scheduling a run right before an appointment so you don't have opportunity to procrastinate. Or schedule a run when you have plenty of time to take it at your own pace and enjoy some freedom.

The main ingredient for change is time. If you persist in keeping after the goal, making the necessary adjustments, you'll see progress in time. Keep that in mind and be encouraged!

Apply these adjustments to routines that have eluded you lately. If you want to work on it together, join my upcoming coaching workshop: Crafting Rhythms & Routines. It'll be on Zoom Saturday, September 18 at 10 AM CDT. Register here. I hope to see you there!

Wishing you wellness,


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