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4 Important Self-Care Practices for a Happy, Healthy Life

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

1 | Safe Space on Social Media. Sometimes it's all just too much and I don't have the emotional capacity to engage with the world online. That's fine. I don't force online socializing. However, sometimes I want to look at content that I know will encourage me and feel safe. So I use my private Instagram account to follow only "safe" content. I follow zoos and gardens and museums and a few select family members. This way, I can open social media and have safe, private, uplifting content to enjoy. And one day, I can easily share this educational content that I've curated with my daughter for her own enrichment and delight!

2 | Movement. Even if I'm not feeling up for exercise moving my body really helps manage stressful thoughts, emotions, and events that come up throughout the day. My go-to movements are running, Pilates, Yoga, and dance. Even if I don't do a full ballet practice I can turn on some music and move to the rhythms for a quick and easy release of tension. My daughter enjoys dancing with me so it's super easy to squeeze movement into days full of baby care.

3 | Thinking. Have you heard of business executives scheduling time to think during their workday? It's great. I recommend it. I find that even just a few minutes of intentional thinking rewards me with my best ideas for my work and my personal projects. If you frequently have a busy mind (🙋🏾‍♀️) this might be the very thing your brain wants from you — a little dedicated time to wander.

4 | Sleep. Since baby girl has returned to sleeping 12 hours most nights I've made it my goal to sleep eight hours every night. I'm tempted to stay up and get things done while Bee sleeps, but I know my future self will appreciate the good, long sleep. If I'm honest with myself I probably won't take a nap during the day if I have the opportunity, so I take care to protect my nighttime sleep. Lately I've been loving a silk pillowcase and jumbo velvet scrunchie for some overnight haircare while I sleep! 👇🏾

How do you take good care of yourself? How do you stay happy and healthy?


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