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3 Tips for Healthy Holidays

Christy, my friend and fellow Coach, is joining me this month to bring you support around nutrition and pursuing health during the holidays! Check out her Instagram account @wellfitfreechristy.

Here are our top tips for healthy holidays:

  1. Hydrate

  2. Rest

  3. Balance your plate

Head over to my Instagram account to check out our video on this topic and keep reading to learn why these tips are so important.

And join our workshop on October 23: Balanced Nutrition. We'll be live on Zoom at 10 AM CT/11 AM ET or watch the pre-recorded version. Register today for only $10!

TIP 1 | Hydrate

If you are dehydrated your physical and mental health is already negatively affected. But being well-hydrated can make the difference between feeling lousy and feeling well, especially after a big meal.

Give yourself your best chance to feel well and to digest well by carrying a water bottle along with you to holiday gatherings and drinking plenty of water in advance. Keep water tasty by adding lemon, sea salt, or fresh mint leaves.

Aim to drink at least 100 ounces of water every day, and more when you plan to indulge in desserts, adult beverages, or extra food. Drink even more if you're exercising, which I hope you are!

TIP 2 | Rest

The holidays can be fun but they are also frequently stressful. One great way to mitigate holiday stress is to get some extra rest.

When we sleep, our bodies complete a lot of restorative functions that are essential for healing, emotional regulation, building muscle, digestion, and so much more!

So schedule a nap if necessary and get extra rest before and after holiday engagements. And whenever you can, take a break from the party for a quiet moment.

Meditate, reflect, notice what thoughts and feelings are coming up. This mindfulness will serve you well and maybe even change your experience to be happier and calmer.

TIP 3 | Balance Your Plate

If you're not sure how to keep a balanced diet on Thanksgiving Day, use this easy-to-remember diagram.

Aim to make half the plate vegetables, one quarter of the plate carbs, and one quarter protein.

It won't be perfect but it will feel better to keep proportions in check even if you're letting portions go wild for a day or two. 😉

BONUS | Immunity

You may have noticed that the common thread through all three tips is that they support immunity and general wellness. This is great, not just because we're still dealing with a pandemic, but because it's also cold and flu season. With dryer air and more in-person contact, I want to do everything I can to keep my loved ones healthy.

(Our video has tons of bonus tips too!)

Here's to healthy holidays! Cheers!


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