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3 Routines for Mental Health: Honoring Mind, Body, & Soul

What if you could find greater fulfillment and joy in your day? I believe you can achieve this by prioritizing your mental health in everything that you do.

Okay, but how do you prioritize mental wellness when your task list is unending and your attention is split?

Try considering how each part of your day affects your mind, body, and soul. Then make adjustments to honor these three components of who you are.

Honoring the Mind

Even as you brush your teeth, drive to work, or prepare a meal, try this:

  1. Notice any physical sensations and consider what you can learn from them.

  2. Notice any emotions you are experiencing. Try to let them exist without working to change them just yet.

  3. Focus on one task at a time, letting that single effort be enough.

Honoring the Body

Prepare physically for the day you hope to have:

  1. Start with rest. Get to bed early if you've planned a morning workout. Savor a cup of tea before settling in at the desk. Eat a snack before diving into household chores.

  2. Fuel the body for the journey you want. Consider what food and drink will feel good in your body for the day ahead. Consider when and how to best consume it.

  3. Grow gradually rather than pushing your body beyond its limits. Make a plan for consistent progress in exercise and other physical disciplines.

Honoring the Soul

Engage with what makes you who you are:

  1. If you don't already know, learn what you enjoy doing (or not doing) and incorporate these things into your regular schedule.

  2. Write, speak, or think about who you are and who you want to be.

  3. Creatively express yourself through speech, music, movement, learning, or thought.

Apply these routines to reduce stress and gain joy. Let me know how it goes!

💕Rebecca Danae

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